Low Start Up Cost Direct Sales Companies #1

Are you interested in direct sales but never have done it before? Do you have a low budget and can’t pay $199+ for a starter kit? Do you want to add another direct sales company to your current home business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading to see what direct sales companies are out there that have either no start up cost or very minimal (less than $50).

avonAvon – $10 start up cost – Click here to view website
“Everyday, Avon brings beauty to the lives of women all over the world. At Avon, beauty means finding the right lipstick shade for a customer; providing an earnings opportunity so a woman can support her family; and enabling a woman to get her first mammogram. Beauty is about women looking and feeling their best. It’s about championing economic empowerment and improving the lives of women around the world.”

hootsmeowHoots Meow – $10 start up cost – Click here to view website
“Hoots Meow started with two girls and our love for affordable bags and totes. We began to do some research to find a more affordable option. Our passion grew and we decided to start our own wholesale business and offer affordable bags, totes and more!”

jic1Jewelry In Candles – $10 start up cost – Click here to view website
“Our candles are 100% natural soy and we use premium quality fragrances so they all smell great! Currently in our candle line we have OVER 100 different scents that we are offering but will constantly be growing our scent line with the help of you guys. Our candles are huge, they are 21 oz and have a burn time of anywhere from 110 hours to 150 hours so you are getting a lot of bang and fragrance for your buck! All of our candles are hand poured with love here in Louisville, Kentucky!”

The Rustic Shop – $25 start up cost – Click here to view website
“The Rustic Shop is your one stop shop for all things rustic. We sell rhinestone purses and wallets, country girl and western style shirts, bling purses, rustic home decor, primitive wooden signs, handmade items, and support several family-owned businesses. We take a great deal of pride in offering unique products, fast shipping, and friendly customer service.”

Hopefully this gave anyone looking for some low cost start up direct sales companies a better idea of what’s out there. However, these are not the only companies out there that have a start up cost of $50 or less; these are just the ones I chose to feature. Please do research before deciding on a company and make sure it is something you yourself would buy. If you wouldn’t buy it, why would you sell it?

I will be doing more posts in this series. Want to have yours listed next time? Head on over to our Facebook group!