Dana Sibilsky: The Cosmetic Art

stayawayfromblue_2342It seems there is an art for everything today and as an art enthusiast, that makes me happy! Art has shows through the countless years to have a massive impact on our lives every day, but do any of us really know how? I’ll give you a hint: Women love it, men claim to dislike it or say it’s not needed (but let’s be honest, they really love it) and our children love to get into it and hide it, at least mine do. Give up? The answer is makeup!

Makeup has a history that goes far beyond any of our great grandparents’ years to the land of Egypt. In those times, makeup was made from lead and copper ores which I’m sure posed many health risks. I suppose that’s when the phrase, “Beauty is pain,” was born.

With all jokes aside, makeup is an art that has been with us since the dawn of time. It has been used in war to appear intimidating to opponents, used in plays to exaggerate facial expressions for the audience, used in movies to play the part of an old woman such as Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire or even a zombie.

brushset6_640There is most certainly an art in makeup through the many examples given, but even in everyday use. Your face is the canvas so before applying makeup, start with a clean canvas as any artist would prefer to do. If you have dark skin, consider it a fair warning not to use blue-toned makeup. These colors make an ashy effect and have your face appear cold. If you are looking for more of a warmer and happier look, go with warmer color tones, such as yellow, orange or even gold. This will brighten your look.

Knowing your skin tone is also part of understanding the art of makeup. This part of the art is probably the most overlooked because it requires such a keen eye to detail, but knowing this tiny, crucial bit of information will have your makeup working for you rather than against you. You’ll also find that you’ll need less makeup to make your look work for you!

Most people have yellow toned skin. If you don’t, you’re probably more toned with red or pink, as I am. When selecting a foundation or adding more to your arsenal, the goal is to pick colors that are more related to the tones found in your neck and throat areas instead of the cheeks. The neck and jawline are the areas that going to be blended into the cheeks. An bit of information to take into consideration is that if your skin color meets with the foundation, creating a line rather than being blended, your look is ruined.

Through the understanding of art and makeup, you can go even deeper and be more creative when expressing yourself. Michelangelo didn’t start out as an amazing artist. It took time, patients, along with plenty of trial and error. Through the method of try, fail and adjust—you will achieve the look that works for you.

Dana Sibilsky

Kim Bettasso on Commitment to Good Products and Service

There are many things I have learned during my career in direct sales, but the most important factors that will determine whether or not you are successful in this endeavor are quite simple and straightforward: You must truly believe in the product you are selling and you must be absolutely committed to consistently delivering excellent customer service. If you can accomplish these two things, you can feel secure in knowing that you will enjoy a long and lucrative career in direct sales, just as I have.

One of the more frequent issues I run into with colleagues in direct sales is that they cannot seem to figure out why they are having trouble selling a specific product. I frequently hear that these individuals did their due diligence, researched the market and believed that the product would be a popular seller. Though these professionals did their homework and chose to sell a product that had clear potential for generating a great deal of sales, there was something that was obviously missing: a passion for the product.

Even the most experienced of direct sales professionals have a “tell” in their pitch when they do not believe in the product they are selling, and consumers are much better than professional poker players at reading the tell of someone who is trying to sell them something. It does not matter if the consumer will benefit from the product or that they truly need the product, as they will be turned off by the pitch simply because the seller does not believe in the product. When it comes to what you sell, always make sure that it is something that you can discuss passionately and that it is something that you truly believe in, otherwise you are destined to struggle.

In direct sales, the level of customer service you provide is equally important. The reputation for service that you develop will help you ensure a long and successful career in sales, so make sure you treat your customers in a manner that is fair and consistent with how you would want to be treated. It is not hard to commit to customer service, but it is shocking how many in the direct sales industry do not take this part of their business seriously. Customer service is vital to your continued success, so treat your customers well and only choose to sell products that you are passionate about.

Kim Bettasso